Our Programs

St. Charles Montessori School offers authentic Montessori education to the St. Charles and surrounding community.  Our staff and number of children are small and so the resulting community is close; we incorporate lower ratios to support what is in the best interest of young children.


St. Charles Montessori School supports families by offering both full and half day programs. Both options are five days a week so children can develop independence, confidence, and responsibility toward the community of children and their Children's House.

Morning Half Day 

1. Half Day Regular


At 8:15 the children arrive and greet their friends and teachers.  Throughout the morning, children choose work that they have been presented in the areas of practical life, sensorial learning, mathematics, and language, as well as in art, music, geography, and biology.  The directress presents new activities to the children individually or in small groups.  The children also teach other children work that they know.  Each morning is a buzz of purposeful activity and social interaction as children work with energy, concentration, and joy.  Children learn to cooperate, help others, and resolve conflicts.  Children also choose restful activities (such as reading a book, or having a snack) as they feel the need.  At the end of the morning cycle, the children make sure their environment is back in order and clean and they enjoy a large group collective (circle) with their guide.  At 11:30 am, the morning children leave for the day.

2. Half Day Plus


This program is offered five days a week for children ages 3 through 4. The children have the opportunity for class time in the morning and the social activities of lunch and outdoor playground time.

Full Day 

Full day students have 2 afternoon options:

1. Nap time

Some children still need a nap when they start the program, and some others occasionally need to rest in the afternoon. At 1:30, children who take naps do so in the areas circling the blue rug so that they can listen to the book if they wish.  They may read, or listen to the chapter book I am reading when we come in from outside.    

   2. Extended-day Montessori

This is a time primarily for the older children who are presented with more advanced work in language and math. They are able to concentrate for longer periods of time and their will is better developed. Because of this, they perform special projects that require more focus. The children engage in complex presentations that allow these “leaders of the class,” to draw upon the previous years of preparation for this full blossoming in the final years of Montessori’s Primary cycle.

Younger children continue to work alongside, and both groups of children help in cleaning up the room. At 3:30pm the regular school day ends. 

Before and After Care

We offer before- and after-school care beginning at 7:30 a.m. and extending until 5:00 p.m.  In the morning, children are welcome to play with toys provided for this time, or they can help get the classroom ready for the day.  Children may bring breakfast and eat it independently in the room if they have not had the time to eat.  In the after-school program, children share a snack and then play individually or groups.  The children play outside as the weather permits.